Story Cancelled

Hey everyone! I know I should have posted this a while ago, but real life has been insane and posting this was sort of the last thing on my mind. But as many of you have probably gathered, this story has been cancelled.

However, I have taken all of the sims from here and plopped them into the world of my random legacy challenge story so you may occasionally see them show up 🙂 So they aren’t completely gone!

Not only am I working on a random legacy challenge but I also recently started a baby challenge! So if anyone is interested in checking them out, here’s some info on them 🙂

The Journey Legacy
Carina Journey is the founder of a new legacy in the picturesque town of Crystalline Cove. She will be participating in a Random Legacy Challenge, where her life, and that of her spouse and future heirs to the legacy are determined by a roll of the dice. What does fate hold for her and her family? Only time will tell…

Genre: Legacy
Status: Current
Updates: Every other Sunday

Challenge Header Kate Harper’s 100 Baby Challenge
My simself stars in a 100 baby challenge that begins in Barnacle Bay. She has just graduated from college in Bridgeport and takes a much needed vacation to the beautiful island of Barnacle Bay. But after a one night stand she finds herself pregnant and trapped on the island because the airline cancelled her flight due to her pregnancy. Now she’s decided to start a new life in Barnacle Bay and begin the 100 baby challenge to achieve her goal of having a large family, even if it did start much earlier than she had planned! Where will this sudden change in her life lead her? And how will she deal with this enormous challenge? Take a look to find out 🙂

Genre: Baby Challenge
Status: Current
Updates: Every other Sunday

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